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Don’t you hate all those lists telling you what you should be doing “after divorce” to keep yourself busy? Sorry lists – I can’t go on a shopping spree, I have no money. I don’t want to go out and see a movie or go to a bar by myself, at least not on Saturday night, as it depresses me! Forget cooking – I can’t stand the clean up, I’ve already had so many hot baths that I look pruned (or maybe that’s age!!), I absolutely refuse to get onto Tinder and I have tried learning French – oui and non!

This Australian list will keep you busy – offering hours of fun just in investigating your options! I find it hard to make small talk (singles’ parties are a nightmare), if that’s how you feel too – try the list!!

1. Volunteer – there are thousands of opportunities in Australia. Are you good at organising events, cooking, being friendly… It is a great way to meet people and feel great about yourself. Try looking online at GoVolunteer.

2. Many Gyms and Yoga/Pilates studios offer a week trial or even a month at very cheap give-away rates. Give it a go!  A great place to find these deals is at Groupon or at Scoopon.

3. Have you ever heard of meetups? Whether you are into Badminton, Science, Tech talks, Ninjas, Board games, bushwalking or just social drinks – Meetup has a group for you!! Check them out online – there is even a  Divorced parents meetup!

4. In need of a holiday? We all know there are Contiki Tours for the single twenty years old’s  – did you know there are lots of options for singles holidays for the over 40’s as well (and over 50’s)? Look up Encounter Holidays – they offer “age-matched holidays”.

5. Go to your local library! There are usually posters (or A4 Sheets) advertising lots of different activities – many are free, Some are run by the council others are special interest groups and cultural events. There are speakers, book clubs, exercise classes etc

6. Join a meditation class – kill two birds with one stone! De-stress and meet people. There are lots of free classes for example Sahaja Yoga.or RIGPA – the Buddhist Meditation Centre Search online!

7. Book in for one of those free seminars – you know the ones, they are usually on business, finance or real estate – some and are trying to sell you something! Look at some of the MoneySmart seminars run by ASIC. Authentic Education run some free personal development courses. There are lots – even dating ones! Great way to learn and meet new people!

Hope you are planning some fantastic weekends – and meet some great people! Let me know how you go!  


Ann Wine

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